It’s Tough to Work on the House All at the Same Time!

We hired a tree service to take some trees out of the backyard of a renovation we are doing and we got to the point where all of us couldn’t work on the house at the same time because we had a great cutting station set up in the backyard on the patio but it’s too close to the trees we’re taking out so we had to move everything inside the house for a while. The painter was there to trying to get some of the windows painted and everyone was in everyone else’s way all the time. I was a tough couple of days. Now the tree guys are almost done and we can’t be happier about the job they did. Check out their website

That was one of those times and we just had a great guy named Eddie work on a part that we really needed right away.

Carpet Cleaning – When Should You Do It?

Carpet cleaning is another home improvement project that we have done around the house lately. This is one of those things that most people wait until there carpet is really dirty before they actually call a carpet cleaner out to clean their carpet. We just don’t like to do that, I think waiting until the carpet looks dirty is a mistake. Carpet cleaning is like cleaning anything else. If you left dirt in a clean bucket for months or years at a time it would be nearly impossible to get the bucket looking like new again. On the other hand, if you put dirt in you bucket a few times but rinsed it out on a regular basis your bucket would remain looking like new. Same goes for carpet cleaning, I love the smell of freshly cleaned carpet and the guy that we use for carpet cleaning in Glenwood Springs always makes the carpet smell great. I don’t know what he uses but if you were to bottle that stuff you would make a fortune! Lol Website

Sometimes Just Cleaning Up the Old is a Good Start

I know that most people love to receive wonderful home improvement tips and tricks I have learned or have gotten from other people. I just live and breathe home improvement projects. People love to improve the inside as well as the outside but come on we live on the inside. A common choice is to begin in the bathroom for most residential property owners. The bathroom was one of the things that was not focused on when the builder built the house, so you need to get in there and change a few things. Maybe everything. Home improvement projects surrounding the bathroom are very important since, to be perfectly honest, most people, young and old, spend a whole lot of time in the bathroom. Therefore, the bathroom should be the focal point of some major remodel projects.

This article, I will primarily talk about some tips and techniques for home improvement work with the main focus being the bathroom.

For those who want to participate in their own home improvements for their bathroom, it is imperative to keep their windows and mirrors clean. As one factor for home improvement, one key technique that most of the home improvement pros know is to keep glass clean, blend a 1/3 cup of white vinegar and 1/4 cup alcohol and apply to windows and mirrors to get a functional and great-looking glass.

In order to clean tubs and shower stalls, as part of your home improvement cleaning project, you should put car wax to the shower walls and glass doors (do not apply to the shower floor) to seal the pores and to make the home improvement job for your bathroom stress-free and for water spots to stay away. This method for home improvement cleaning should be used two times a year. Also, for your home improvement job for your bathroom, it is crucial to know that your showers should be cleaned weekly with a citrus-based cleaner. Just spray the cleaner to the showers to soften the dirt. Click Here

Home improvements aren’t just about putting in new faucets. Sometimes, it can as simple as learning to take better care of what you already have.