Carpet Cleaning – When Should You Do It?

Carpet cleaning is another home improvement project that we have done around the house lately. This is one of those things that most people wait until there carpet is really dirty before they actually call a carpet cleaner out to clean their carpet. We just don’t like to do that, I think waiting until the carpet looks dirty is a mistake. Carpet cleaning is like cleaning anything else. If you left dirt in a clean bucket for months or years at a time it would be nearly impossible to get the bucket looking like new again. On the other hand, if you put dirt in you bucket a few times but rinsed it out on a regular basis your bucket would remain looking like new. Same goes for carpet cleaning, I love the smell of freshly cleaned carpet and the guy that we use for carpet cleaning in Glenwood Springs always makes the carpet smell great. I don’t know what he uses but if you were to bottle that stuff you would make a fortune! Lol Website

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